Terms of Service

What is shorturl.is?

We offer a service for URL shortening and link management perfect for sales and marketing.

Is it free?

Yes, we offer a free plan that lets you shorten up to 10 URLs without any additional cost.

Premium Plan

If you upgrade to the paid Premium Plan you can shorten unlimited URLs and unlock features such as:

Antispam Policy

We reserve the right to delete any URLs without further notice that we suspect is being used for spamming and/or illegal purposes including but not limited to:


Our service provides the ability to shorten URLs. A short URL itself does not include any content. The user takes full responsibility for direct or indirect damage inflicted by the use of our service.

Privacy Policy

The only personal information we save is when you create a user account and/or make a payment. The personal information we store is your name, surname, address, zip code, city, and email address. We are GDPR compliant and do not share your personal information with any third-party. You can at any given time delete your account and personal information in the controlpanel.


We use Google Analytics to measure the use of our service and to be able to deliver a better experience.


We reserve the right to update the terms and conditions at any given time without prior notice.